Monday, September 19, 2011

Prospecting is a key factor for success

Written By Victor Santiago -

The prospect of putting his team together brain is crucial and will
be the foundation of your business and possibly a factor in its
success or failure. Do not go pushing your family and friends to
have on your business. Once you become a success that are
worthy or your time and really want a serious change in your life -
will join you in droves.

The first 72 hours - two weeks is the most crucial and most
probably determine the rate of growth of your organization.
Reference strategies are crucial so be sure to draw a plan for you
and your key personnel. Do not discount anyone and give
everyone a chance. I know of two beach bums zillionaires now
because someone stopped to talk with them and offered them an
opportunity rather than pre-judging.

Knowing that 99% of their income is coming from people who do
not know. Also learn how to leverage your time by wires, recruits,
and customers through advertising through both a local and
global methods. The Internet truly levels the playing field and any
and every one is a potential customer or team member.

Although Internet marketing is great but do not forget off-line
strategies. Send a card if they join your business or purchase a
product or simply express your interest. No classified ads, not
only get boxed in Internet marketing alone, you have to do
something different. Marketing online and offline payment.

However, do not get overwhelmed in the process, a master of one
thing at a time, as perfect systems, advance to the next
recruitment process. Making money by doing two things at the
marketing arena, and that is by closing its business prospects and
products sales.

Attraction Marketing is huge and will take time to cultivate those
relationships, be accessible to the people you attract. Some
people make a lot of money fast, but it will not be the story of all,
however for those who follow the system that is in place, and be
consistent and be available and present for your business, will
have a much success. The key is to stay in the race.

If you master the system launched to help perspective, you will
be in a position that will have people calling you ready to join,
with persuasion, the effort or time spent on your part. This is a
stage where they can start learning how to produce your own
product, and when you reach this level, as an internet marketer,
the real fun begins. This is another way of offering a funded
proposal, and a financing proposal when he gets a system that
puts money in your pocket to help finance its expenditure on
advertising and marketing, while you promote and build your

Becoming a mentor is also very necessary, the more people that
support "free" the more successful you will. The real key is to give
as much as you can and will return. Never have a mentality of
lack and limitation, while in this field, which will have more of a
boomerang effect. The other key, of course, is to have mentors to
help you grow in this process with as little bumps and bruises as

possible. I met a very successful salesman did not have a mentor

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Your partner in success,
Victor Santiago

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